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At SRM, we recognize that every added credit you approve and fund changes the risk embedded in your portfolio. Our training and consulting services assist you in determining and measuring the risk impact of incremental changes in your largest asset, your credit portfolio.

The SRM approach keys in on the 7 core cash drivers of your clients. These core drivers represent the elements of your analysis that have the greatest impact on the quality of your portfolio. They also represent the greatest risks of deterioration or default within your credit portfolio.


Cash flow repays debt. This is the framework around which our comprehensive risk management model and cash flow analysis is built. It requires moving beyond a traditional cash flow model.

The SRM risk management model focuses on the interactions between the income statement and balance sheet, changes in the balance sheet over time, and assessing the sensitivity of how the 7 core cash drivers are impacting your client's ability to repay.

Our goal for every SRM client, regardless of industry, is to deliver sound credit analysis that leads to an acceptable level of credit risk in your credit portfolio, while adding value to your client relationships.

I recently completed the SRM Credit Training Program at Citizens Business Bank presented by Brad. I was very impressed with his banking experience, understanding of credit and communication skills. I... read more

Keith Knudsen Avatar Keith Knudsen

I highly recommend Brad and SRM! Brad has provided training for Citizens Business Bank in our Credit College over the past year, and I am very impressed with the... read more

David Brager Avatar David Brager

Thank you Brad for facilitating credit training for our bank members. Besides receiving high ratings, you really took the time to get to know the needs of the class participants,... read more

Kimberley Mendelsohn Avatar Kimberley Mendelsohn

Brad did an amazing job presenting the materials and keeping them relevant and engaging. I came in with probably less than average understanding of commercial credit because my prior training... read more

Matt Flynn Avatar Matt Flynn


Credit Policy Development

Based on your corporate credit priorities, we will help establish the credit philosophy and culture of your organization, buoyed by strong front-end guidance.

Workout Specialties

Setting a plan and maintaining momentum on addressing problem credits.

Outsourced Credit Analysis

Catching the early warning signs of a deteriorating credit is critical. Once identified, setting a plan and maintaining momentum on addressing problem credits is crucial to minimizing losses.

Due Diligence

Analysis for institutions contemplating portfolio purchases, bank acquisitions and mergers.

Commercial Loan Portfolio Reviews

Minimize credit losses with effective reviews, reports and recommendations.

Credit Training

Workshops for your front line sales and credit associates.


Staff Training

Interactive training that engages the staff in practical and relevant credit portfolio decisions.


Weekly insights that impact risk.

Stay on top of risk management trends and forecasts.

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