About SRM

Managing Risk.  Improving Portfolios.

Fully qualified to assist small banks, large banks and manufacturers across multiple facets of credit and risk management.  Our firm possesses the resources to develop, enhance and support the risk management procedures of nearly any  organization in North America.

Bankers Training Bankers

A philosophy established from the beginning.  Simply put, no one understands both the needs and solutions better than those who have been in the trenches of your industry.

SRM employs trainers and consultants with extensive backgrounds in the industries they serve.  From small banks to fortune 500 organizations, we have seen and trained on nearly every type of credit portfolio scenario.   

Our founder, Brad Stevens, has been guiding financial institutions to improved credit portfolios through his proprietary training model for over 30 years.   Each success story begins with a conversation.  Brad personally holds a phone meeting to determine how SRM can best serve the needs of your organization.   


SRM is an active supporter of causes that are closely aligned with the values of our organization.  


Weekly insights that impact risk.

Stay on top of risk management trends and forecasts.

We keep your data private and do not share your data with third parties. Privacy Policy