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Economic Insights

What a sad state of affairs in the American League Central.  The Twins clinched the division on their 81st win.  They may make 85 wins this season.  In 2005 the Padres won their division with only 81 wins, barely over 500 for the season.  Sadly, it was not like there was even a tight race,

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Testing out the waters of the SEC, Texas came to play last week.  Alabama took a beating.  With their past success, the Crimson Tide just did not seem hungry or focused.  The outcome pushed Texas to #4 and put in question Alabama’s playoff hopes way too early this year.  This weekend Alabama dropped out of

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Twenty-two years ago, evil flew from the skies and changed our lives and country forever.  That day we lost 2,753 innocent people in the attacks.  Since then we have lost over 7,000 service members in war related activities.  There has been well over 100,000 military personnel that have been injured.  Please take time today to

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