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This Week’s Economic Update, March 20, 2023

Spring is supposed to be arriving, however, at least here in the North there is no evidence of any break in the cold, snowy weather.  By now we should have some of the early green shoots of tree buds, daffodils and other signs of a change in season, but nothing so far. The economic reports

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Economic Update, March 14, 2023, Silicon Valley Bank

I was supposed to be in Hawaii this week speaking at the ICBA Live event.  However, I was hit with my second round of COVID on Thursday requiring a last minute cancellation.  Never been to Hawaii.  It was so disappointing not to be there and meet with so many bankers. As a preamble today, all

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This Week’s Economic Update, March 6, 2023

March came in like a lion in most areas of the country this past week.  For the first time in memory, California received more snow than Minnesota in the week leading up to March.  Both states had blizzard warnings.  The amount of snow on the ground in Minne-snow-ta this year on March 1 is near a

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This Week’s Economic Update, February 27, 2023

Obviously, I am a big proponent of training.  The best investment you or your bank can make is to expand your knowledge base with good training.  ICBA is offering two wonderful classes in March/April that you will want to consider.  The Credit Analyst Institute will be offered virtually starting on March 28, 2023.  This three

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This Week’s Economic Update, February 20, 2023

Not to share how old I actually am, but I was in school at the time before holidays were celebrated on Mondays allowing for a three-day weekend.  That meant in February we had two days off of school, not just one.  We all celebrated Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday on February 12.  A mere ten days later

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This Week’s Economic Update, February 13, 2023

A sure sign of Spring is when three species of birds all start showing up in Florida.  The Blue Jays, Cardinals and Orioles are making their first appearance of the Spring in the area around Sarasota.  The first games of Spring Training start on February 25.  As Mel Allen would often say “How About That?”

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This Week’s Economic Update, February 6, 2023

This past week we again celebrated Abusing Ground Hogs.  Where is the outrage of yanking an animal out of its normal slumber to see if it sees its shadow?  The real show here would be to not drug the ground hog and have these idiots reach into the den with an unprotected hand to pull

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