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This Week’s Economic Update, April 12, 2021

April showers bring May Flowers, and May Flowers bring Pilgrims of course.  But let’s not push the season.  This past week, at least here in Minnesota, we saw near record levels of rain.  This is great for our farmers who have their potatoes in already.  It should not delay the corn or soy beans that

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This Week’s Update, April 5, 2021

We will be officially declaring an end to the March Madness Pandemic that started in Mid March.  As of this evening the NCAA will crown a new Champion.  So far there has been much carnage in the ranks.  Expected powerhouses like Michigan, Illinois, Kansas and Alabama succumbed early.  Oklahoma has been the only one that

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This Week’s Economic Update, March 26, 2021

A running joke in the 1970’s was Naturalist Euell Gibbons commercial for Grape Nuts where he asked, “Ever eat a pine tree?  Many parts are edible.” Grape Nuts were always seen as a cereal for the older crowd, if you wanted to make noise when eating, Cap’n Crunch was our go to breakfast choice.  The

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This Week’s Economic Update, March 22, 2021

My grandfather was a subsistence farmer in Central Minnesota.  He did the best could on 200 acres, of which about 5 acres was a family garden plot that in a good year would support the family with vegetables.  As a very young boy I would visit, often helping out where ever instructed.  Something I never

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This Week’s Economic Update, March 15, 2021

The Minneapolis Auto Show was always a Spring Tradition in our family.  I have not missed attending the show since 1975.  That included last year when we attended on the very day it was shut down early.  Due to the pandemic, the organizers have moved the show date and venue.  It is now in May

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This Week’s Economic Update, March 8, 2021

Be warned that a new pandemic is brewing.  Early prognostications indicate a wide spread outbreak is coming on March 14.  The onset of full-blown March Madness Symptoms are expected on Thursday March 18.  Experts at CBS, TBS and TruTV are saying to be especially aware of symptoms over late parts of the week and through

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This Week’s Economic Update, March 1, 2021

After a torturous February it appears that March is coming in like a lamb this year.  Not sure what March going out like a lion might look like, but lets hope it is something along the lines of replenishing rain fall to assist the farmers in sub soil moisture levels.   Once again the first

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