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This Week’s Economic Update, November 21, 2022

This is a great week to take time every day to count our blessings.  With Thanksgiving this week, it is a perfect time to recognize areas in our life to be thankful for.  We can move past the negativity we get daily from the media and focus on the positives. Thankfulness will bring us to

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This Week’s Economic Update, November 14, 2022

Our mild fall came to an abrupt end this last week.  November came in like a lamb but has quickly turned into a lion.  Cold and snow seems to have spread across most of the nation.  It appears that we will have a white Thanksgiving, something that has rarely happened since I was a kid. 

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This Week’s Economic Update, November 7, 2022

This Friday is Veterans Day. Originally celebrated as the end of the war to end all wars, it is now a wonderful reminder of those who have served our country and protected our rights. The sacrifices our veterans have made, whether it was the time served, injuries suffered or if they made the ultimate sacrifice,

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This Week’s Economic Update, Halloween 2022

Here we are at October 31 and the World Series is just getting started.  Growing up October was the home of the Fall Classic.  Pushing the World Series into November allows Reggie Jackson to permanently maintain the title of Mr. October.  We will have to see who will claim the title of Mr. November in

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This Week’s Economic Update, October 24, 2022

Only seven days of Halloween shopping left.  Hopefully you have been able to find sufficient candy to distribute on what my brother and I referred to as Early Christmas when we were kids.  There was a fear that candy would be in short supply earlier this year.  This led to talk that Halloween would not

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This Week’s Economic Update, October 17, 2022

Minnesota hit the news this past week in a big October way.  A horticulturist from Anoka, MN, my hometown, earned the title of largest pumpkin in 2022.  The gourd came in at 2,750 pounds earning the owner almost $30,000 in award money.  By the way, Anoka is the Halloween Capitol of the world and lays

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This Week’s Economic Update, October 10, 2022

The AP Top 25 football ratings is getting closer to being right, in my humble opinion.  Alabama struggled with the unranked Texas A&M while the other top teams crushed the competition.  Georgia is the new #1 with Ohio State holding the #2 spot.  Based on opposition records as well as overall consistency, Ohio State should

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