Consumer Portfolio Reviews

Independent, non-commercial analysis

Consumer portfolios

The demand for independent analysis of consumer lending activities and portfolios has risen in recent years.  Greater attention is being focused on the consumer and indirect loan portfolio quality that is focused on underwriting processes, policy compliance and management reporting.  Consumer loans in particular, are more applicable today to the efficiencies gained through technology and credit scoring.  Using the right technology will alleviate the risk associated with your non-commercial loan portfolio.   

Increasing emphasis upon risk management over the course of the past several years has caused many institutions to look more closely at risk within their non-commercial segments of their loan portfolios. Using various loan sampling techniques, the evaluation of underwriting practices and management reporting, our reviews test controls as well as compliance with established policy and procedure, and, where needed, introduces best practices recommendations from a real-world perspective. If needed we can assist with the installation of efficient consumer loan grading mechanisms, risk based pricing, and credit scoring.  We can also assist with providing a standardized underwriting system compliant with regulations. 

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