Credit Policy Development

Establishing strong front-end guidance



A credit policy sets the credit philosophy and culture of the bank.  It will provide strong front end guidance to lead your sales force. It is more than just a list of do’s and don’ts.  It is a critical tool aligning management, credit and sales to get them all on the same page, working together rather than having an adversarial relationship. 

SRM has developed a risk management platform which structures your policy in two linking documents.

PHILOSOPHY & procedure

Merging the philosophy of “what we do” with procedures of “How we Do it”. 

Many banks struggle with outdated policies which have been inconsistently added to over the years to become a contradictory mess.  In many cases the policy does not need to be thrown out, but rather carefully re-written and updated to reflect the current thoughts of management. 

Development of successful policies begin with an interview of senior leaders in your bank or organizaiton.  From that meeting a  policy and procedure structure can be correctly developed and presented that will effectively lead your bank.  

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