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There are times when a limited commercial credit portfolio review is needed. Whether you have a pending regulatory exam approaching, a major change in your market, a significant economic change that is occurring or just want to get a pulse of the credit risk in your commercial portfolio, a limited review is never a bad idea.

Under a limited review a core sample of your commercial relationships are analyzed for compliance to the original approval, trends that are showing in the regular reporting as well as assessed for any change in the credit risk profile. The outcome of the review is measured against your current credit policy as well as your credit risk rating spectrum. A detailed report will indicate any changes that are recommended to any account as well as any deficiencies that exist. This allows you time to correct any deficiencies as well as prepare an effective action plan if one is needed for any declining credits. Getting ahead of any credit deterioration is imperative to assure your bank of experiencing minimal credit losses.

SRM is fully capable of meeting your needs in a limited commercial portfolio review. Our firm possesses the resources to quickly assess the changing credit risk that is occurring in your commercial portfolio. Through regular, staged mini-reviews a trend report can be created that will allow you to make minor credit culture changes if needed or recognize when a major redirection is required. SRM is able to walk you through the process from end to end.

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