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Our bankers training bankers philosophy has propelled the success of numerous financial institutions.  Your staff will work directly with SRM trainers that have extensive banking background, allowing us to better understand your challenges and offer the right solutions.  Sessions are available for a single day or up to an entire week for more coverage and comprehensive trainings.

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The real world training allows for a "next day application" when your staff return to their office.   Our training model combines an engaging, interactive informational presentation with practical account history.  This allows us to create a conversational teaching environment in which real-world cases are used to review and build improved standards from.

The most popular part of the training is the case studies where the staff work through the financial statements and related information in order to respond to proposed request.  The goal is always to not just make loans, but to mitigate credit risk.  It is never just a loan decision.  It is a portfolio decision.

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