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Our bankers training bankers philosophy has propelled the success of numerous financial institutions.  Your staff will work directly with SRM trainers that have extensive banking background, allowing us to better understand your challenges and offer the right solutions.  Sessions are available for a single day or up to an entire week for more coverage and comprehensive trainings.

The real world training allows for a “next day application” when your staff return to their office.   Our training model combines an engaging, interactive informational presentation with practical account history.  This allows us to create a conversational teaching environment in which real-world cases are used to review and build improved standards from.

The most popular part of the training is the case studies where the staff work through the financial statements and related information in order to respond to proposed request.  The goal is always to not just make loans, but to mitigate credit risk.  It is never just a loan decision.  It is a portfolio decision.

Training Courses

From one day to a full week

Basic Accounting from journal entries to statement preparation.  One day class offering.

Building a traditional and UCA cash flow statement using a case study.  Application of the information that is developed in both methods. One day offering.

Analyzing management decisions that impact cash flow and the level of cash, Core Cash Drivers, Cash To Cash Cycle, Cash Cycle.  One day offering.

One day training on moving from quantitative analysis to qualitative.  Includes cash flow models and ratio analysis.

Understanding the need for ratio analysis as well as developing and understanding what the ratios mean.  A more basic one day session than Assessing Financial Statements.

Using case study methods to understand changes in your clients and what to watch for.  Focus is on Qualitative Risk Assessment.

Starts with calculating value using cash flow models including discounted cash flow to assess a go/no go decision.  Also covers proper credit structure and terms on expansions or buyouts of a business. One day session.

From Lines of Credit to Term Loan and Beyond.  Assessing the financing request while providing the best structure to assure repayment.  This details the use of cash flow, matching the self-liquidating asset to the cash repayment as well as backing into the right amount of financing along with the duration and type of financing used.

A look at the work out process from start to finish, keeping the momentum going.

Nuts and bolts commercial training, including front end guidance, industry recognition, risk rating recognition, loan structure, cash flow and relationship management.

A training program tailored for your commercial banking staff. Your staff will better identify risks and intangibles often seen in commercial accounts.

Understanding cash flows, building and analyzing the Net Operating Income, prequalifying and estimating value before ordering an appraisal. Using the cash flow to provide the proper repayment structure. One day session.

The Net Operating Income, prequalifying and estimating value before ordering an appraisal. Using the cash flow to provide the proper repayment structure. One day session.

What to look for after the close, collecting the right information, site visits and trends. Addressing future needs of borrowers with core key questions that should uncover needs they have that might be beneath the surface. Essentially, managing the relationship after the close.

Taking a new hire with limited background and providing the core of credit risk understanding. One day session.

Walks your staff through a tailored credit process, including assessing the cash short fall, understanding the request, gathering the right information, analyzing the information, structuring the credit, closing and follow up monitoring.

Combining Credit Policy Direction with Prospecting, how to quickly prequalify potential prospects in both front end guidance and core risk assessment. Does it fit your bank? One day session.

Case study approach to catch trends quickly and begin the workout process. One day session.

Your credit just moved from pass to Special Mention, building a work out strategy, assembling a team as well as dealing with the client. One day session.

Using the financial statements and information from the client to solve problems, not “push tin”.  One day session.

It is more than just elevator analysis, asking the right questions, honing in on the right key variables for each type of business as well as communicating concisely is key to an effective credit presentation. One day session.

A training program tailored for your staff, making sure your goals are met.

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