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This Week’s Update, August 8, 2022

A lot to discuss this week so I will dive right in. The July ISM Manufacturing report was released last Monday.  The report was essentially flat from the June performance number.  At 52.8 for July this is just barely above the level of growth and contraction.  50 is the cutoff.  Within the report there are

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This Week’s Economic Update, August 1, 2022

We are on the cusp of the College Football Season.  While most seasons I get excited as my two teams, Oklahoma and Minnesota, have bowl possibilities, this year may be a rebuilding one for both.  My Athlon Football preview is floating Alabama as having another big year.  Once again, I will look to see who

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This Week’s Economic Update, July 25, 2022

Late July is always known to be the Dog Days of Summer.  Hot, humid, hazy and lazy.  Growing up we had Black Labs for pets. They were always pretty active, always happy to see us and eager to play, except in July.  You would find our dog lazing under anything that would provide shade and

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This Week’s Economic Update, July 16, 2022

For most of you the name Corporal Randolph Agarn will not trigger any memories and will be unknown in any context.  For me, the name brings back thoughts of laughter from a more innocent age. He was often the epitome of incompetence with the goofiest of ideas and solutions offered on the short lived but

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This Week’s Economic Update, 7 11 2022

Mid July marks the start of the County Fairs around the nation.  This bit of Americana provides a nice break where we can check out the food competitions, the vegetable and flower exhibits, take in some rides, and see the best of the next generation in the 4-H competition.  I forgot to mention the best

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This Week’s Economic Update, June 27, 2022

Hard to believe that July 4th is already upon us.  Please enjoy the upcoming weekend.  Get the grill ready, have a safe trip to the lake, enjoy the fireworks and the pool.  Whatever you do, please take time to wave the flag and consider how blessed we are to live in the United States of

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This Week’s Economic Update, June 20, 2022

Ahh, June 21, the first day of calendar summer.  For the optimists among us it brings the hope of a new season, one filled with cook outs, vacations, trips to the beach, basking in the sun and, before the advent of seedless watermelons, spitting watermelon seed contests.  For the pessimists, it marks the beginning of

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