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This Week’s Economic Update, July 15, 2024

For anyone who desires to get better at understanding their role, as well as learning more about commercial lending and managing credit risk, there are two great opportunities coming up in August.  The ICBA Credit Analyst Institute starts on August 11 and runs through mid day on August 14 in Dallas, TX.  If you have

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This Week’s Economic Update, July 8, 2024

In the courses I teach, I share the importance of commercial bank clients having an executed buy/sell agreement to be used in the event of the demise of an owner.  Properly structured, these are tools that can save a company from having to close or be sold.  In June the Supreme Court handed down a

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This Week’s Economic Update, July 1, 2024

We will have to agree to disagree today.  I was blessed to have grown up during what has to be the golden age of major league baseball.  From 1960 through 1972 the greatest baseball players took the field, and yes, I still have all the baseball cards I collected as a kid.  My absolute favorites

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This Week’s Economic Update, June 24, 2024

Midway through 2024.  We just passed the longest day of the year.  While some consider this the first day of summer, others have a bit different view.  My mother-in-law, always a pessimist, maintains that all is lost, the days are getting shorter and will not stop until December.  I always tease her by calling on

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This Week’s Economic Update, June 17, 2024

Here we are in Mid June, a month before even the All-Star break for Major League Baseball and there is only one competitive pennant race.  At this time, it appears that everyone is competing for wild card slots.  That is not good for attendance or interest in Baseball.  Compounding the lack of excitement in the

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This Week’s Update, June 10, 2024

The manufacturing sector in the US declined slightly in May.  The ISM Manufacturing report came in at 48.7 which represents a small decrease from April when it was 49.2.  That is the third month of a rather slow decline since it peaked in March.  The leading indicators for the coming months which is embedded in

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This Week’s Economic Update, June 3, 2024

In 1977 I was in high school and bought a used 1971 Plymouth Duster.  It had a weak 198 cubic inch slant six engine with a manual three speed transmission.  It was all but used up when I bought it with 88,000 miles showing on the odometer.  I paid $500, that would be just shy

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